When you buy bananas all you want is the fruit not the skin, but you have to pay for the skin also. It is a waste. And you the customer should not have to pay for the waste.

– Shigeo Shingo, World’s leading expert on the Toyota Production System

Lean Certificate Management

Lean thinking is about reducing waste, making processes more efficient

Ecertsecure is an online web portal which enables institutions to generate, personalise and print secure certificates either within their own facilities or as a shared process.

This advanced technology is available as a simple, off the shelf plug-in, providing instant capability that works alongside your existing systems. No expensive infrastructure changes are required. Alternatively, we can design and produce a fully customised version.

The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world via desktop computers or mobile devices such as iPads or smart phones, and can be used by anyone who is given authorised access, whether that’s one person or multiple users.

Making certificates more secure and easier to manage doesn’t have to involve complex solutions.

Ecertsecure has been designed to be an easy way of increasing certificate security and simplifying certificate management process, without the need to make costly changes.

1Data upload
The security features are applied to the certificate by uploading a data file containing the candidate data, such as name, date of birth, photo and examination results, to the Ecertsecure web portal. The portal then generates the personalised PDF certificates, using the data contained within the file.
2High security digital personalisation
The personal data is also embedded into the image structure of the certificate, making the data highly visible and an integral part of the PDF. This makes it very difficult to amend using image manipulation software such as Photoshop. At the same time, an encrypted barcode is added which links the certificate to an online database. This allows anyone to quickly check the certificate online at any future date. Online validation can be completed on either a physical certificate or even the digital PDF.
Because the designated Administrator of the Ecertsecure portal has visibility of the process at all times, they retain control of the approval procedure. After reviewing the proofs of the certificates in PDF format on-screen, the certificates can be approved and submitted for print; or if amends are needed the data can be edited and re-submitted for reprocessing.
The flexibility that Ecertsecure offers means that you have two options for the print and distribution of your certificates once you have approved them on-screen. Using your own printers you can print the certificates directly onto your existing certificate paper. Ecertsecure works with the equipment you have already so you don’t have to buy anything extra from us in order to produce secure certificates. However, we can provide all the necessary equipment and accessories should you need them.
The second option is to use the portal to instruct Ecertsecure to print the approved certificates onto secure paper at our premises and then have them delivered either back to you for distribution or directly to the individual recipients in tamper evident bags.

A full range of accessories such as secure printers, printer cartridges, document validation devices, secure certificate paper and tamper evident bags are available from Ecertsecure.