In a world of instantaneous communication, reputation management has never been more important

– David Tradewell, Business Development Manager

Certificate Validation
& Compliance

It should not matter whether the certificate is in paper or digital format

Our vision is to create a future where certificates that can be easily and securely validated from anywhere in the world.

Protecting your reputation long after the certificate is issued

We provide services and solutions to protect and validate paper or digital certificates.

Online Validation

QR code on the certificate – the wrong approach!
QR codes can easily be copied and fake websites are too easy to set up
  • Ecertsecure applies the latest validation technology that integrates with our databases and other security partners allowing full track and trace capability

  • Validation via a smart phone
    or networked computer is secure
    and easy.

  • Ecertsecure also provides secure online student profile facilities that can link to any secure certificate

Offline Validation

No internet? No problem.

  • No internet required

    We provide a range of solutions that do not need to be connected to a database via the Internet.

  • Instant validation

    Our unique app can instantly validate a paper or digital certificate protected by Ecertsecure

  • No reception issues

    No matter where you are


Protecting your documents and data protects your reputation

Our commitment is to make it easier for you to manage your data and your documents, improving quality, compliance and auditing.

Ecertsecure stores all records and images using efficient data storage.

Auditing made easy

Our own Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is industry leading, providing our clients with the highest confidence in our compliance to quality, specifications and regulations.